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Al Anany is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

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I always believed that what I did in my career would determine how my annual income would grow. I could not have been more wrong.


This Killer Daily Routine Made Me a 10-Year Freelancer Earning a Six-Figure Annually


That friend of yours who made money with NFTs is not smarter than you.


I’ve Consulted Over 50 Crypto Projects — Almost All of Them Do Not Know What They’re Doing

Crypto & Blockchain

It was one of those situations you would have to look at twice to make sure you do not make a mistake that would completely waste your time.


A company came to me to help them raise $10 million. My commission was $300k; I said no — Here’s why.


The end of a company never happens overnight. Nokia, Blackberry, and Blockbuster failed over some time rather than instantly. There has to have been a moment that would be deemed as the spark that led to their closure.


Ford might have just killed Tesla.


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