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I have a bond with my cup of coffee that I can’t explain.

Coffee Relationship
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One sip a day keeps everything away.

There are good days and bad days in one’s life. On those days, you’d want to be with the people you love. Some of us are blessed to have friends that have been alongside them for years. A person knows that such a bond is to be cherished and should not be ignored easily.

This is an article about a similar bond. One that existed for quite a while, and has been alongside me for as long as I can remember. I’d need this bond on tough days, and I’d love to enjoy it on pleasant days. It’s sort of a silent friend who doesn’t necessarily care about me. It’s my cup of coffee.

This article probably sounds like an addict’s journal, which is not necessarily true. I consume an average of two cups of coffee per day, which is a little below average. When you look at two friends separately, you would notice that they’re normal human beings. However, when they’re together, something else is in the air. It’s not about what they’re made of as humans, it’s about what the situation creates. This game is certainly in their minds.

My coffee cup has a part that is a “placebo”.

That’s what I am currently talking about. Your mind could connect the sound of sea waves with peace, while others could be frightened from such a sound.

The beauty of this coffee cup bond is that it changes based on each person. Your bond with your coffee cup is not like mine. You have your story, I have mine.

That cup of coffee has been with me in toughness and greatness, and that’s why I’ll be forever grateful for this bond.

The first sip associates an initiation of what I want in my mind. “Alright, today I need to plan a fantastic year”, and it starts with a sip. Again, this is my perspective of how my cup affects my mind, yours might be more moving towards action. Mine is all about inspiration of thought.

Why do I love it?

It was part of my journey of achieving success in many aspects. If that coffee was a brand of chocolate or a cup of water, I would’ve probably also established the same psychological connection. It’s my methodology of saying that I’m ready for something serious. It gives me the last push that I desperately need to start acting or thinking. The world might sometimes be demotivational when it comes to success. But not this cup, this cup is my mind telling me you’re ready.

Why do I hate it?

The more I consume it, the more I rely on it when it comes to inspiration. Can I have some inspirational brainstorming sessions without a cup of coffee? Possibly, but not as efficient.

This creates a form of dependency and makes me weaker as a human in the long run. The future is uncertain, and having such a dependency is never a good thing.

Let’s talk health.

It’s very good for you.

There are multiple health benefits, you can read about them here. However, the ones I’d like to address here are the ones that I believe are the most beneficial in my case.

  1. Energy: That’s a no-brainer, caffeine just boosts you up, and sometimes in some situations, you desperately need that.
  2. Heart health: It lifts up your heart rate, which to me, keeps me alive. It’s similar to why I like to run, it gives the heart a little bit of exercise.

It’s very bad for you.

It has a drug. While it might not be as addictive as cocaine, it’s still a drug.

  1. Insomnia: I try to limit my coffee drinking to a maximum of 3 PM so that I wouldn’t stay up all night. Yet, when a person has to work over something in the evening, and a cup of coffee is accompanying her/him, the change of sleeping pattern is definitely unhealthy.
  2. Nervousness: I can’t call myself relaxed when I drink coffee. In some situations, one has to be relaxed to deal with it perfectly. That’s where it’s a problem.

Finally, this bond between you and your coffee cup is only for you to judge. Some have a toxic relationship, while others have a very healthy one. You could be sipping a frappuccino with 10 teaspoons of sugar or a plain bland espresso. The former has probably other health harms that you should look out for.

What’s healthy is to be able to have your thought process step up on queue, and that’s what this cup has made me achieve. Putting aside the physical aspect of the cup of coffee, I can instantly transform my mind from a state to an enhanced state where I feel that I’m able to achieve anything that I put my mind into. If that’s not good for you, then I don’t know what is.

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