Al Anany

Investment Philosophies

You’ve heard “Dollar Cost Averaging” a lot but don’t know what it means.

Photo by Mahmoud Amer on Unsplash Once you understand “Dollar Cost Averaging” or DCA, you’ll never forget it. You wake up in the morning looking at your $12,000 of savings…

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Invest in companies you believe will still be needed in 5-10 years.

Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash Investing in Bitcoin is unpredictable; everyone knows that. However, when you invest in stocks, you ought to make some sense of it. After studying…

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Ford Tesla

Ford might have just killed Tesla.

Photo by Juan Montes from Pexels The end of a company never happens overnight. Nokia, Blackberry, and Blockbuster failed over some time rather than instantly. There has to have been a moment that…

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Dear crypto enthusiast, speculating is not investing.

Photo by mohamed hassan from PxHere It looks like it’s going to rise, so I’ll buy it because it’s underpriced. The word invest and the word speculate are very close yet very different.…

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The biggest billion-dollar private company is a company called ByteDance and it’s 4 times as big as Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash SpaceX is creating rockets and flying around. They could pull off a moon trip faster than we think. This makes one think, "Such a company…

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2020 started booming Crypto. 2021 expanded NFTs. 2022 is the year of GameFi.

Photo by Fredrick Tendong on Unsplash The integration of blockchain, crypto, and gaming is producing a new industry giant this year. The world was hit in 2020. When hundreds of…

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Disney Netflix

Disney is winning the game started by Netflix.

Photo by Brandon ong on Unsplash Netflix has 222m subscribers and they started in 2007 (The video-on-demand aspect), while Disney currently has 179m subscribers and started in 2019. Disney is…

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Cryptocurrency gambling

Why does everyone want to get rich from Cryptocurrency?

Photo by Wance Paleri on Unsplash You could buy an Apple or a Microsoft stock and wait for around 5 years, chances are you'll make two to five times your…

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entrepreneur movies

The 7 movies I recommend to any entrepreneur – From a business consultant.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash You can see pictures of the most delicious platter in the world, but you'll never taste it that way. Similarly, you can read tons…

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