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I’m Al Anany, an entrepreneurship consultant in Switzerland. I’ve been doing this for around ten years. Most of my time is spent advising and aiding startups. Most recently, I have worked with Albusi, Blerl, and FreelancersID. It takes some people years to achieve success. Others, minutes. However, some must-reads for success could aid in this process.

I always like to experiment with entrepreneurial endeavors. Hence, you’ll find me on TikTok and Youtube sharing those adventures.

Writing was never something I thought I would be doing. However, I am an avid top writer on Medium.

After years, I’ve concluded that there is no other place to carve the ink of my journey better than my personal website. Hence, you will find here secrets of trade that I won’t share elsewhere. I will keep updating this website as I am envisioning it to be of great value to you.

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Here are some must-reads for success. ↓