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Freelancing is an art. Some freelancers find success on a platform and then work as much as possible to reach its peak. However, they soon get to realize the actual peak is not on a single platform. It’s about diversity in platforms. That’s what I call Ultimate Freelancing.

If you start reading online about how to successfully freelance, you will be lost in a few minutes. Everything sounds very straightforward and motivating. This is mainly because whoever wrote it wants you to revisit their website. Hear it from me.

The freelancing world is the dirtiest jungle you could get into. It’s exactly like the hunger games, and if you depend on it for a living, then you could actually grow hungry.

However, ace it, practice ultimate freelancing, and there is no stopping you in this world. You can not get fired or let go for as long as you please.

– A COVID pandemic spread → My business boomed.
– The recession started → My demand increased.

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I’ve freelanced on Fiverr, Upwork, and Medium. Here I am sharing my experiences in this freelancing world ↓