I’ve Made It On 3 Different Freelancing Platforms, How?

How to succeed in freelancing

If you did not grasp it, the key here is not bragging about earning tens of thousands on a platform. After all, what’s $150k or so for anyone who’s earning a six-figure? The key here is to showcase that you, the viewer, wherever you are, could succeed in freelancing on whichever platform you choose.

You’d think that it will require enormous time for you to succeed on any platform. The truth is it almost has nothing to do with time. I’ve earned over $25k on Fiverr just in a few months.

You could say it has to do with experience. Then I’d prove you wrong. I started writing on Medium with absolutely no writing experience whatsoever, only to make over $10k in around six months with a constant monthly increase.

So the right thing to conclude is that it is not entirely about your technical skills or patience. It’s about how quickly you learn and how devoted you can get.

I am not a corporate employee. It’s not because I did not want to. It’s because I never was ever since I finished my bachelor’s in Engineering.

I forced myself to be thrown into this freelancing jungle ten years ago, and that’s particularly why I can ace one platform after the other.

Finally, the main mission of this website is to aid you in this process. I want you to succeed in freelancing, then tell me that I contributed to that success. To me, that would mean that I impacted a person, which is more valuable than earning millions.

To cook the perfect recipe, I’ve been working for years. I do not want to tell you to immediately do simple steps or give you a general guide to succeed in freelancing. Hence, there are two things that I am working on to be able to help you.

  1. I’m writing constantly on Medium and this website. Additionally, I am recording videos and guides on YouTube and TikTok.
  2. I’ve consumed over 100 hours working on a video-course experience. Many told me that this is their preferred method of learning. This will cost a minor amount as to cover the cost of marketing for its future. However, if this is not within your budget:
    • You can view all my content on this website, Medium, Youtube, and Tiktok. They have the essence of this visual course but over more lengthy content.
    • You can inform me by sending me a simple email, and I can assure you that you’ll get this visual course without paying for it.

Of course, one learns over a long time. If I tell you that this method or that method would make you the ultimate freelancer, then I would be plainly lying. These methods are guides that could make you the ultimate freelancer. To succeed in freelancing highly depends on your devotion to it.

Remember, I was thrown into the freelancing jungle. I am used to working even when I do not have a contract, job, gig, or anything. I create my own work, and for you to learn how to do that, you need to have a certain level of devotion and persistence.

With all my energy, I will try to get you to see this through every single story here.

Now go make yourself a cup of coffee and let’s begin this journey.

I recommend you start by surfing through this link and choosing an article that grasps your attention. → Ultimate Freelancing

I’m Al, a business consultant in Zurich, Switzerland. I believe in the power of delivering value to you, the reader. Follow me on various social media platforms if you’re interested in the value of my content.

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