Fiverr Alternatives – Over $150k Earned via 3 Freelancing Platforms.

Freelancing Secrets by Al Anany

I’ve looked for Upwork alternatives, Fiverr alternatives, and medium alternatives. The search for alternatives is a non-stop one.

Then, after ten years of freelancing, I realized a few tips and tricks that made me succeed on Upwork, Fiverr, and Medium. It’s one thing to be awesome on Upwork, Fiverr, or Medium.

Yet, to ace all those platforms, you need to truly understand the world of freelancing.

So if you’re looking for Fiverr alternatives, here are a few.

Before we begin…

You must understand that succeeding on a freelancing platform depends on your skills. Hence, if you did not work out on Fiverr, there is no guarantee that you will succeed on Upwork, and vice versa.

There’s a trait that all freelancers on my freelancing platform, albusi, have. They are extremely persistent and understand each and every platform.

Hence, whatever platform shows up, you need to give it time and explore it quite well. That being said, let’s review some of Fiverr’s alternatives.

The main competitor to Fiverr, and an even bigger website if you’re looking for a change. However, there are multiple differences when comparing both.

Upwork is more about you applying to jobs, while Fiverr is more about you waiting to get gig requests.

So that’s the first thing you ought to know about Upwork. You have to be ready to exert more effort on the matter.

Additionally, it has extreme opportunities as it depends on your efforts. So, instead of waiting and watching, you can apply for jobs which will be proportionate to your monthly income.

Here’s a detailed guide that I recorded in case you want to work on

Upwork Guide by Al Anany (For writers)

If you’re a writer, isn’t it better to get paid based on user reads rather than that annoying client of yours? Medium is a portal of that. Given that you are in one of the supported countries, you can earn thousands per month based on your writing quality.

Here’s a guide in detail on what to do.

Medium Guide by Al Anany

This is quite a good option, yet they are very selective. Mostly focused on tech, this could be a fantastic side hustle if you’re a good developer. You get to work with reputable corporates and expand your career.

Finally, A Fiverr alternative could be Fiverr (Yes, I re-said it)

Even though Fiverr did not work out for you this time, that does not mean that you should not give it another chance. I’ve recorded an extensive guide on how to ace it on Fiverr.

Review it and check whether you missed some tips that could mean a new freelancing career for you.

Fiverr Guide by Al Anany

Wait, are you sure you need Fiverr alternatives?

The truth is that Fiverr has its own pros and cons. It’s a great platform to start with if you’re just starting out as a freelancer. But as your experience grows, you might look for something better.

Overall, the scope of work available is limited, which means fewer opportunities for you as a seller.

The fact that you can’t offer certain business services on Fiverr also limits its potential. If you’re looking for more opportunities, maybe it’s time to consider other options. But why? Well, let’s look at some reasons why Fiverr is a great place to start but not the best fit for everyone:

General Pros:

  • It’s a great place to start your freelancing career. You’ll get exposure and gain experience working with clients from around the world. Fiverr is also an excellent platform for building rapport with clients that can lead to long-term projects or even full-time employment.
  • You can choose from many different types of gigs on Fiverr, making it easier for you to find something that fits your skillset and interests.

General Cons:

  • The pay can be extremely low. Some gigs are only worth $5, so you’ll need to spend a lot of time working on Fiverr before making any real money.
  • The work can be repetitive and boring, especially if you’re only doing one gig at a time. Fiverr is also a popular place for scammers to sell fake gigs or steal your money. Conclusion: Fiverr is an excellent place to build your freelance reputation and get experience working with clients worldwide. However, it’s not the best long-term option.

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